The graduate profile was developed based on directions from the Association of English Language Education Study Programs (APSPBI) and a tracer study conducted on alumnae of the English Education Study Program, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. The profiles of alumnae of the English Education Study Program are:

  • English Teacher
  • Developer of English learning materials/media
  • Research Assistant
  • Educational activists in the fields of translation, journalism, and tourism

The suitability of graduates’ work fields when getting their first job is very high. A total of 162 graduates (70.4%) obtained positions highly suitable to the profile of PBI S1 UAD graduates, including Teachers, translators, and tourism people. Meanwhile, 62 graduates (26.9%) had medium suitability, including as customer service and bank employees, and six graduates (2.6%) had low suitability, including finance advisors and administrators.

UAD, especially FKIP UAD and PBI UAD Study Program, always tries to maximize graduates’ competency and establish collaboration with various agencies. This collaboration is aimed at establishing synergy between the campus world and the workforce so that the competencies of UAD graduates, especially FKIP UAD, align with those. It is hoped that the workforce and high suitability of the graduate profile will reach 100%.