English Department Students Association (EDSA) is a student association organization for the English language education study program at Ahmad Dahlan University. EDSA UAD was awarded as the best student association in  UAD. Students can forge soft skills in this organization to become competent individuals after graduating from the UAD PBI Study Program.


Debating Community (DeCo UAD) is a debating community that is well known for national and international achievements. In this community, students can practice English debate skills. DeCo members always receive the university’s support to take part in English debate competitions both at the national and international levels.


The Peer Assisted Learning Program (PALP) is a community that aims to improve English language skills for new PBI UAD students. The new students will be mentored by their seniors. Additionally, PALP has now developed into a professional English tutoring program for elementary and middle school students.

Teater PeBei

English Education Study Program built a theater called Teater PeBei.  Teater PeBei is a place for students who have interests and talents in acting and music. It often stages both theater and poetry musicals. Every year, the PeBei Theater holds a performance at the Yogyakarta Cultural Park, which is open to the public.


The English Journalist Team (EJT UAD) is a student organization that accommodates students’ interests in journalism. EJT UAD has been quite productive in managing websites, publishing magazines, and managing YouTube channels.

PBI Media Syndicate

English Education Study Program’s students can develop design, videography, and digital media skills through PBI Media Syndicate. This community has produced video works both for entertainment and supporting academic activities. Adequate camera, computer, and studio facilities have endorsed this community activity.